Ghosts, Spirits, Imprints, Oh My!

Some definitions:

Ghosts: The soul of a deceased person or animal; a disembodied spirit ‘seen’ as a vague, shadowy or a shadowy form. In reality, ghosts can be heard, seen, or felt. They can make doors slam; turn lights on and off, change the channel on your TV, and hide your keys.

Spirits: This includes the Genii loci or spirit of the land upon which you reside/work, as well as nature spirits, animals, and the Fae or Faery.

Imprints: Imprints are more a memory of strong emotions that has soaked into the walls, floors, or objects of a house. This is often the case with older homes/buildings whose inhabitants have lived there a long time, or if something happened in a place to produce strong emotions. There is a saying that “walls remember.”

Ghosts-BeGone is like an energetic car wash for your life!

If you’ve tried solving the problems yourself, and nothing has worked, reach out to me. You will feel a substantial upgrade in your focus, ease, and comfort, both personal and professional!

Ghosts-BeGone is like an energetic car wash for your life! It allows whatever needs to happen in your life, to happen. It opens up energy for you to use in a positive way.

More Reasons to use Ghosts-BeGone:

  • Do you hear strange noises, or have the feeling of being watched when you know you are alone?
  • Do you hear your name being called?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you are walking through fog or cotton candy in your environment?
  • Are there cold spots in your environment that shouldn’t be there?
  • Are you experiencing a string of bad luck?
  • Is your business slow? Are your employees not getting along?
  • Having trouble selling your house?

How can I be of service?

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