Client Endorsements

Carin Baskin’s work is subtle, profound and impactful over the long run. I have had Carin clear and protect first my home, then myself, then my business before I opened my new location in the middle of Belmont. Without her clearing and protection I am sure it would have been much harder to open my doors and be busy from the start. I have also had her clear and protect my daughters. Both of my daughters have walked away from car accidents that could easily have ended their lives. Carin has also cleared my boyfriend whose life is turning around after many years of drama and trauma. I recommend Carin’s work for people who want to move forward and are feeling blocked! It makes such a difference in what happens next in life!

Tamara Klugman: Lavender Healing and Massage

I was invited to run two of my shamanic events at a commercial office space on top of a liquor store, so I wanted to preview the space before the event. I do spiritually healing events and the energy in the space was intense – not in a good way. I videoed the office and sent the video to my partner (another shaman) and she said that watching it gave her a headache from the energy in it. I knew it would take me a long time to clear the space because of the energies of the liquor store downstairs and the environment of the office we would be running our event in. So, instead, I called Carin to see if she could make a difference (I like calling the experts). She worked on it the week before we did the events and the difference was dramatic. The space was totally clear. We did our events and didn’t have to do anything to the space to prep it other than put up our physical items we needed to run the events and put up the energetic container we would normally use. THANK YOU CARIN! Your work is nothing short of AMAZING! I will be calling you every time I run an event in a space I don’t own. (And probably every time I stay in a hotel).

Kelle Sparta: The Spirit DoctorTM, Transformational Shaman

Carin Baskin’s work is subtle, profound and impactful over the long run.

I can say this on a personal level. She helped me clear some really difficult and negative energy around my family in New Orleans, and let me tell you, from an energetic standpoint that is huge, because the energies down in New Orleans do not play.

Then there are also the linear settings where she has created a safe space for me to do my work out in the world. Yes the work that got me into Forbes, and other places that are signals of being able to have this kind of work happen in the mainstream.

If you are a speaker, and you want to make sure that the spaces you go into are cleared of negative energy call her. If you are someone who is doing healing work with people, and you don’t know how to clear your spaces, or you have had someone extremely negative or had something really negative happen, and you just need to have the cleared, call her.

Whatever it is that you need that optimizes your space for you and your work, call Carin.

Julie Woods: Motivational Speaker and founder of The Global Culture of Inclusion

Carin Baskin is one of the finest women and witches I know. She is genuine, grounded, practical and powerful and I highly recommend her work.

Orion Foxwood: House of Brigh

This woman is a very gifted worker, and her wisdom comes from many years of learning and experience.

Mystic Artic Fox: Ancestral Conjure

This woman is a very gifted worker.

Dear Carin,

I want to thank you for the incredible clearing and protection spells you put in my place of business August 2016 before I opened my doors!

This past September, there was a fire in the center of Belmont.  It seemed unreal to me to see the building where my business had been for two years, in flames, in the middle of the day this past September. Once the fire was managed and put out, I went to my space and opened the door to a gust of incredibly strong fumes. I went in anyway, covering my nose and mouth with a hand towel, and went in for a moment to see. I was amazed that the only damage my space experienced was from the water coming through the ceiling and smoke from the fire. Meanwhile my neighbors to the left who shared a wall with me had their space completely destroyed, much of it burned inside with a lot of damage from the fire. My neighbors above me also had extensive damage from the fire.  My own space was virtually untouched by flame.  One of the first things I thought was how glad I am that I employed you to cast protections over my space.

Much Gratitude to You!

I am looking forward to having you work your magick in my new space!

Tamara Klugman

It makes such a massive difference to do work in a space that Carin has cleared.

When I met Carin, almost 18 years ago, one of the things that struck me was her ability to commit to something and keep following through until the end. That kind of commitment shows up in how she does clearing work. Most of the time the people that I encounter who do this work, don’t have the discipline, and the rigor that goes with the work, around the energetics, primarily and especially in business settings. They are accustomed to something much more free flowing in a less linear world; however, it makes such a massive difference to do work in a space that Carin has cleared, then working in a space she hasn’t.

Again folks, you need to call her if space clearing is what you are looking for, Carin’s the one.

Julie Woodsfounder of The Global Culture of Inclusion